Radio Free Skaro has a new home!

September 15, 2009

Specifically at, our new home for jaunty nonsense involving the good Doctor. Head on over, crack open a malted beverage of some kind, and don’t let Pedantor out, he hates the neighbourhood kids and is known to bite.


Radio Free Skaro #154 – Condo says LOL XD

August 17, 2009

Many a broadcasting intrigue formed the backbone of Whoish news this week, from BBC America’s machinations to…BBC Wordwide’s transgressions. The Three Who Rule also engaged in Socratic debate over the claims of Rona Munro, the scribe behind “Survival”, that romance in nuWho constitutes lazy writing. All that and another exciting Miniscope examining the glory years of one Robert Holmes as he ascended to script writer and Doctor Who demigod.

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Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…shop!
BBC America picks up…Series 5/1/31!
Greatest Moments of Doctor Who…The Companions!
K9 on…Disney XD!
Gary Russell writes…The Torchwood Encyclopaedia!
Doctor Who: A Legend…Reborn!
The Hornet’s Nest…inexpensive!
The Next Doctor/Planet of the Dead…DVD box set!
More guests announced for…Gallifrey 21!
2|Entertain…pwned by BBC Worldwide!
Big Finish renewed until…2011!
Rona Munro accuses…lazy writing!
Miniscope Links (Robert Holmes, Part Two):
The Ark…in Space!
Pyramids…of Mars
The Deadly…Assassin!
The Talons of…Weng-Chiang!

Radio Free Skaro interviews Steve Roberts

March 4, 2009

In our ongoing Wednesday special series featuring interviews and such from Gallifrey ’09 in February (just to see how long we can milk it), we bring you an interview with Doctor Who Restoration Team impresario Steve Roberts, wherein he discusses past and future projects regarding the classic Who DVD series.

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Doctor Who Restoration Team
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“The Next Doctor” on SPACE on March 14

February 21, 2009

For those in Canada who have yet to see the Doctor Who 2008 Christmas Special “The Next Doctor”, SPACE will be airing the special (and not the CBC) on Saturday, March 14 (possibly at 9:00 PM ET). This news comes to us from Benjamin Elliott, proprietor of the superb This Week In Doctor Who Yahoo group (and also seen on Outpost Gallifrey), who has helped us out several times in the past.

Of course, if you listen to our shows, we’ve long since talked about/hashed/re-hashed/spoiled the hell out of TND already…

Radio Free Skaro interviews Phil Collinson

February 14, 2009

We at Radio Free Skaro are pretty excited about this : an exclusive interview with Phil Collinson! Phil was nice enough to sit down a chat with Warren. Check out the audio from it here (the video will be posted later!) :

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More from The Third Guy

December 25, 2008

Chris, the venerable Third Guy, recently appeared on the podcast “Tim’s Take On…” when he joined the prolific Tim Drury and others on a pub crawl in central London to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Doctor Who. Join the fun with some of the folks from a London Doctor Who meetup group and cast your memories back to some classic stories as London sights are discussed.

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Radio Free Skaro #60 – Milestones and Memorials

November 25, 2007

The 44th anniversary of Doctor Who was marked by two sad occasions with the passing Peter Haining, the author of Doctor Who: A Celebration (the bible of the show in our formative years), and Verity Lambert, the co-creator of the program. But it wasn’t all doom and gloom, as we delved into how we celebrated the show’s birthday, the conclusion of the first season of the Sarah Jane Adventures, and other bits and pieces. Enjoy!