SPACE to Air 2010 Doctor Who Christmas Special

November 10, 2010

<![CDATA[SPACE has announced it will continue to be the Canadian home of Doctor Who, and will be broadcasting the 2010 Christmas Special this holiday season during its annual 12 Days of Space-mas event. The news was formally announced this week on InnerSPACE though as yet no definite date or time has been released. Radio Free Skaro will of course bring you updates regarding the broadcast as details are known, and keep tuned to the SPACE Podcast for our contributions after each and every Doctor Who episode!

With thanks to Melissa DeBruyn for the initial heads-up.]]>


SPACE Blog: Death in Who

September 29, 2009


Death is the universal equalizer, most people’s worst fear and the final act in everyone’s life. In science fiction, unlike the real world, it’s also reversible, and no show does more to dodge death than Doctor Who. What other television show has a character who transforms from one actor to the next, in the process neatly avoiding the final curtain and rebooting the show for a new series of adventures?

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SPACE Blog: Spoilers! The Delicate Art of Not Knowing (Or Not)

September 14, 2009

In an age of always-on interconnectivity, it’s very difficult to be surprised. It’s even more difficult when a part of you wants to ruin the surprise. Such is the double-edged nature of the spoiler.

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Radio Free Skaro Blogs for SPACE

September 1, 2009


SPACE (, the home of Doctor Who and Torchwood in Canada, announced today that Radio Free Skaro will be blogging for the nation’s sci-fi channel, by way of our own Warren Frey! Warren will naturally be blogging about all things Doctor Who leading up to the Canadian premiere of the last three David Tennant gap year specials on SPACE, as well as the upcoming series featuring Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor in Spring 2010.

Click here to read Warren’s introductory blog entry, and stay tuned to for future updates on our new relationship with SPACE!