Doctor Who Series 6 Delayed In North America

May 19, 2011


It has been learned that due to the American Memorial Day holiday, BBC America will be delaying the broadcast of Doctor Who. Series 6 will get a gap between episode 5, The Rebel Flesh, and episode 6, The Almost People because of the long weekend. The Rebel Flesh will go out as expected this weekend, May 21, but The Almost People will not be seen until June 4.

As partial compensation for the delay, BBC America will be showing a Doctor Who marathon on May 28 featuring the entire run of Series 5 and all of Series 6 to that point, including an encore presentation of The Rebel Flesh, but skipping over A Christmas Carol.

Unfortunately, SPACE has to follow BBC America’s lead and will also be preempting The Almost People on May 28, though instead of showing any Doctor Who at the usual 8:00 PM EDT time slot, SPACE is showing the Will Smith movie I, Robot.

This development is disappointing, especially since both BBC America and SPACE fought so hard to get day and date transmissions of Doctor Who with the UK. Nothing is yet known how or if this may impact the latter half of the series to be broadcast this fall.



Doctor Who Series 6 Premieres April 23 on SPACE

March 28, 2011

<![CDATA[SPACE, Canada’s home of Doctor Who, today announced they will be bringing Series 6 to Canadian screens day and date with the BBC and BBC America. Beginning at 8:00 PM EDT on Saturday, April 23, fans in the Great White North can learn the secrets of The Impossible Astronaut in part one of the series-opening two-parter – yes, an hour ahead of BBC America!

Being able to launch the series across parts of the world on the same day is indeed a wonderful thing, and we couldn’t be happier that SPACE is able to bring the new Doctor Who series to Canadians with minimal delay. Kudos to the team for giving Canadian Doctor Who fans what they wanted the most!

Check out SPACE’s announcement about it here!

SPACE To Air Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol on December 26

November 24, 2010

<![CDATA[SPACE, the home of Doctor Who in Canada, has announced that Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol will air on Sunday, December 26 at 9pm ET – one day after the BBC will air it in the UK and the American premiere of the 2010 Christmas Special on BBC America. While not matching the day-and-date airing of BBC America, the one day delay is the quickest turnaround of a Canadian broadcast since The End of Time, Part Two aired on January 2, 2010, a day after it aired in the UK. Listen to the upcoming Radio Free Skaro episode #226 this weekend to hear The Three Who Rule’s take on this news.]]>

InnerSPACE LIVE: Doctor Who – The Big Bang

July 24, 2010


Tonight, Saturday, July 24, at 9:00pm ET, will see the North American premiere of the Series 5 finale of Doctor Who, “The Big Bang”, in both the US (on BBC America) and Canada (on SPACE). Immediately after the broadcast in Canada, SPACE will be airing a special live version of InnerSPACE featuring various guests and panelists. There will also be a live web chat featuring several Who experts, including the three hosts from Radio Free Skaro!

The live chat starts at 8:45pm ET. Clicking here will take you to the SPACE website. Join the fun, and let’s all hope the Doctor Who finale is a roaring success on North American TV screens!


Doctor Who Wins Canadian Ratings Race

June 8, 2010

<![CDATA[SPACE has announced that Doctor Who won the Canadian TV ratings race with its broadcast of Amy’s Choice this past Saturday. Congratulations SPACE!

The full release follows or can be found at

DOCTOR WHO’s Epic Win in Ratings
Pix Princss | 6/8/2010 12:09:22 PM

You were watching Doctor Who last weekend weren’t you? Because this past Saturday, more viewers prescribed to DOCTOR WHO than any other program in its time slot on Canadian television. Nearly 400,000 viewers clocked in at 9 p.m. ET for SPACE’s signature series, beating out competing Canadian conventional and specialty networks. W00t!

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Doctor Who Series 1-4 on SPACE

May 27, 2010

<![CDATA[SPACE, Canada’s home of Doctor Who, has announced broadcast information for Series 1-4. Beginning Monday, May 31, SPACE subscribers can catch up with past series of NuWho. Episodes will air every Monday through Thursday at 8:00PM Eastern Time with repeats at Midnight.

Read more at the SPACE website!]]>

Steven Moffat at the SPACE Series 5 Premiere

April 24, 2010

<![CDATA[Steven Moffat appeared at the SPACE Series 5 premiere live via Skype, and the segment has finally aired. We present it to you here for your enjoyment: