Radio Free Skaro #158 – Amsterdamned

September 14, 2009

With news sorely lacking, the Three Who Rule were momentarily relieved to hide in the welcome shelter of a commentary, in this case the third and fourth instalments of “Arc of Infinity”, a maudlin yarn notable more for IKEA furniture infesting Gallifrey than for an interesting story. But their welcome was short lived, as Cracklor once again besieged Warren and his computer more or less opted for suicide….much like Omega, as his Rice Krispie wounds boiled into nothingness. Poignancy ahead, dear listeners. Sheer poignancy.

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Show Notes:

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- Radio Free Skaro…on SPACE!
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- Richard Curtis…Doctor Who writer!
- National Television Awards…nominations!
- David Tennant in Of Mice…and Men!
- Dalek Movie…Soundtracks!
Miniscope Links (Johnny Byrne):
- The Keeper…of Traken!
- Arc…of Infinity!
- Warriors…of the Deep!
- BBC…Shownar!

Radio Free Skaro #157 – Byrne, Baby, Byrne

September 6, 2009

The classic series commentary makes a not-so-triumphant return to the Radio Free Skaro fold as we merge the Miniscope with the old time-filling standby. With Johnny Byrne as our subject we plod through the week’s weak news with discussion of lowlights such as Warriors of the Deep and our commentary of the first half of Arc of Infinity. There should have been another way, indeed!

(NOTE: This is the fixed version of this episode.)

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Show Notes:

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- Doctor Who: Greatest Moments…The Enemies!
- The Enemies…ratings!
- Podcest at…Whooverville!
- Sarah Jane premiering in…October!
- David Tennant on…Masterpiece!
- K9 in post…production!!
- K9 to be shown at…MIPCON!
Miniscope Links (Johnny Byrne):
- The Keeper…of Traken!
- Arc…of Infinity!
- Warriors…of the Deep!
- BBC…Shownar!

Doctor Who Exit Interview: David Tennant & Russell T. Davies

August 24, 2009

The good folks at Boing Boing Video have posted a thorough interview with outgoing Doctor and Executive Producer team David Tennant and Russell T. Davies. Have a look:

(Click here for the original link.)

Radio Free Skaro #155 – Holmesian Triple Act

August 23, 2009

In an episode of threes, the Three Who Rule discuss the first of three filler Doctor Who clip shows (“Doctor Who: Greatest Moments”), Series Three of the Sarah Jane Adventures, upcoming DVD releases featuring Doctor No. 3, Jon Pertwee, and last but not least, the third and final installment of the Miniscope segment featuring Robert Holmes. Next week’s Miniscope topic was also determined via the Randomizer…but you’ll have to listen to the show to find out who it is! (Hint: it’s not Pennant Roberts.)

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Show Notes:

- Radio Free Skaro…shop!
- Bridging The Rift with…Kate Orman!
- Doctor Who…New York!
- Gallifrey 21…register!
- Doctor Who: Greatest Moments…The Doctor!
- Doctor Who Greatest Moments…ratings!
- DWM reveals The End of Time…details!
- Doctor Who…Dreamland!
- Sarah Jane Adventures…titles and synopses!
- BBC on…Blinkbox!
- Dalek War box set…details!
- Releases box set…coming in 2010?
- Coming Soon to DVD…The Dominators!
- Coming Soon to DVD…Kamelion Box Set!
- BBC Kids in Canada airing…Peter Davison!
Miniscope Links (Robert Holmes, Part Two):
- The…Sunmakers!
- The Ribos…Operation!
- The Power of…Kroll!
- The Caves of…Androzani!
- The Two…Doctors!
- The Trial of a Time Lord…Parts 1-4!
- The Trial of a Time Lord…Part 13!
- BBC…Shownar!

Radio Free Skaro #154 – Condo says LOL XD

August 17, 2009

Many a broadcasting intrigue formed the backbone of Whoish news this week, from BBC America’s machinations to…BBC Wordwide’s transgressions. The Three Who Rule also engaged in Socratic debate over the claims of Rona Munro, the scribe behind “Survival”, that romance in nuWho constitutes lazy writing. All that and another exciting Miniscope examining the glory years of one Robert Holmes as he ascended to script writer and Doctor Who demigod.

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Show Notes:

- Radio Free Skaro…shop!
- BBC America picks up…Series 5/1/31!
- Torchwood…ratings!
- Greatest Moments of Doctor Who…The Companions!
- K9 on…Disney XD!
- Gary Russell writes…The Torchwood Encyclopaedia!
- Doctor Who: A Legend…Reborn!
- The Hornet’s Nest…inexpensive!
- The Next Doctor/Planet of the Dead…DVD box set!
- More guests announced for…Gallifrey 21!
- 2|Entertain…pwned by BBC Worldwide!
- Big Finish renewed until…2011!
- Rona Munro accuses…lazy writing!
Miniscope Links (Robert Holmes, Part Two):
- The Ark…in Space!
- Pyramids…of Mars
- The Deadly…Assassin!
- The Talons of…Weng-Chiang!
- BBC…Shownar!

Radio Free Skaro #153 – A Tweet Too Far

August 10, 2009

The Three Who Rule covered the gamut of Whoish happenings this week, from the shocking revelation that Meglos will return for David Tennant’s finale (unconfirmed) to Ian Levine’s rather tenuous grasp on the the fundamental underpinnings of the internet (hint: don’t fear the link.) And amongst this madness was revealed the Miniscope, a new weekly feature examining a writer, producer or other behind the scenes chieftain whose drive and talent brought us the Classic Who episodes we love so dearly. Up first is Robert Holmes, or at the very least his contribution to the ouvres of Mr. Troughton and Mr. Pertwee. Enjoy, dear listeners.

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Show Notes:

- Radio Free Skaro…shop!
- The End of Time…aliens!
- Tennant’s Hamlet…on PBS!
- Greatest Moments of Doctor Who…on BBC3!
- Moffat and RTD…Hugo losers!
- 2010 Series…without Euros Lyn!
- Freema Agyeman…just Who Do You Think You Are?!
- The Writer’s Tale…next edition!
- Dalek War box set…on October 5!
- Doctor Who…Series 1-4 DVD Box Set!
- Torchwood…Complete DVD Box Set!
- New Series Dalek…DVD box set!
- Sarah Jane S2 DVD set…on November 9!
- Mike Skinner…on Doctor Who?
Miniscope Links (Robert Holmes, Part One):
- The…Krotons!
- The…Space Pirates!
- Spearhead…from Space!
- Terror of the…Autons!
- Carnival…of Monsters!
- The Time…Warrior!
- BBC…Shownar!

Radio Free Skaro #152 – Fax the Betamax

August 3, 2009

The Three Who Rule come off last week’s plethora of news with but a handful of offerings this time around. Turning lemons into lemonade they parry and thrust their way through another hearty podcast for your aural pleasure. From the return of Spoilor to thoughts on the return of Tom Baker to the role of The Doctor, grab your foil and join the fray.

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Show Notes:

- Radio Free Skaro…shop!
- Radio Free Skaro spinoff…Bridging The Rift!
- Steven guest hosts on…Tennantcast!
- David Tennant’s finale…75 minutes long!
- Casting Announcement in…The Radio Times!
- Murray Gold…staying for 2010?
- Tom Baker…wants to return!
- The Hornet’s Nest…audio clip!
- Torchwood Series 4…filming in February?
- John Barrowman…on Desperate Housewives!
- Sarah Jane Adventures S3…episode titles!
- Future DVD releases…mentioned!
- Extras for Dalek War…passed! (Disc 1)
- Extras for Dalek War…passed! (Disc 2)
- Yet another Colin Baker…action figure!
- BBC…Shownar!

The End of Time Trailer

July 26, 2009

In 1990s-era movie piracy goodness quality (and as mentioned on Radio Free Skaro #151), we have an early bootleg of the trailer for The End of Time presented at today’s San Diego Comic Con panel. Hoo-ray!

Radio Free Skaro #151 – Killing Time Before The Waters of Mars

July 26, 2009

In what has to be the most overwhelming of all weeks for Doctor Who in all recorded history, the RFS crew slogged mightily through tales of Comic Con, rumours confirmed, others dashed, and in the midst of our recording the release of a new trailer for “The Waters of Mars.” And that was BEFORE we got around commentating on “Planet of the Dead”, making this if not the longest Radio Free Skaro ever than certainly the densest, and not just because of PotD’s plodding, pedestrian poltroonery.

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Show Notes:

- Radio Free Skaro…shop!
- Doctor Who Panel at…San Diego Comic-Con! (Digital Spy)
- Doctor Who Panel at…San Diego Comic-Con! (The Guardian)
- Doctor Who Panel at…San Diego Comic-Con! (io9)
- Torchwood Panel at…San Diego Comic-Con! (Digital Spy)
- The Waters of Mars…trailer! (UK only)
- He’s…back!
- The End of Time…trailer! Description!
- Lizo Says…No End of Time trailer…yet!
- Filming begins on Series…5? 1? 31?
- Amy…Pond!
- Matt Smith…costume!
- New Doctor’s Costume…praised!
- New TARDIS…retro!
- Russell T Davies…interview!
- Doctor Who, Guinness World record…holder!
- John Leeson…returns!
- Sarah Jane S3…casting!
- Sarah Jane S3…news!
- Torchwood: Children of Earth…final viewing figures!
- Torchwood Series…4?
- Ianto Jones…is dead. Get over it.
- New Character Options…Fourth Doctor toys!
- New Character Options…Dalek toys!
- New Character Options…Third Doctor toys!
- Some More New Character Options…Third Doctor toys!
- The King’s Demons/Planet of Fire…coming to DVD!
- Dalek War DVD box set…coming to DVD! (1)
- Dalek War DVD box set…coming to DVD! (2)
- Dalek War DVD box set…coming to DVD! (3)
- The War Games and Black Guardian trilogy…coming to Region 1 DVD!
- Blue Peter…DVD extra!
- Gallifrey One 21…guests!
- Planet of the…Dead!
- Planet of the Dead…on SPACE!
- Planet of the Dead…on BBC America!
- BBC…Shownar!
- The Scottish Falsetto…sock puppets?

Tennant, Barrowman, and RTD at SDCC

July 26, 2009

For those who wish they were at San Diego Comic-Con right now but aren’t, here’s David Tennant, John Barrowman, and Russell T Davies introducing the screenings of both Torchwood: Children of Earth, Day Five and Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead.:

(Thanks to Tim Drury for initially Tweeting this link.)


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