The End of Time Trailer

In 1990s-era movie piracy goodness quality (and as mentioned on Radio Free Skaro #151), we have an early bootleg of the trailer for The End of Time presented at today’s San Diego Comic Con panel. Hoo-ray!


5 Responses to The End of Time Trailer

  1. Thank the stars for shakley-cam footage. Can’t wait for the official to be posted on the BBC site, or just a higher quality come up on YouTube.

  2. SarahM says:

    Wonderful. But why is the Master now a bleach blonde?

    Also, can’t wait for a version without the screaming.

  3. faz master says:

    omg! that footage is really annoying though. its too shaky. is it just me, or is there a clip on of a red-eye ood?

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