Radio Free Skaro #148 – Boom Town Rats


Things took a turn for both the obscene and obsequious and Pedantor proved he could crawl even lower into the gutter he calls home and Warren was bested by Cracklor, a skypeovore that feasts on distorted, craptacular VOIP. Oh, and somewhere in this menagerie of madness the sometimes forgotten but certainly notable “Boom Town” was commented on by the Three Who Rule.

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Show Notes:

Black Guardian trilogy DVD…details!
Andrew Cartmel writing for…Torchwood?
Doctor Who…movie?


7 Responses to Radio Free Skaro #148 – Boom Town Rats

  1. anattendantlord says:

    Listening to the podcast now, so you’ve probably looked up the RTD interviewer whose name you forgot. But if not, I think you mean this one?

    though it only gives 15 minutes of interview – is there a longer version somewhere?

    Oh, and I must defend Jackie Brown – Greer and Forster play a blinder, and anything with Elmore Leonard DNA has something going for it. Even “Mr Majestyk”

  2. Chris Burgess says:

    Indeed, we did mean Mark Lawson. There was a BBC Four (TV) interview with him a bit over a year ago that lasted an hour and was rather in-depth and quite enjoyable. I learned things from that I’d not learned elsewhere, such as RTD’s real first name is Steven.

  3. freyburg says:

    As far as “Jackie Brown” goes, I’ll give you that Tarantino pulled off a romance between a middle aged couple (Greer/Forster) quite well, but after Pulp Fiction and (especially) Reservoir Dogs the film in total was a letdown. Don’t even get me started on Kill Bill or Death Proof.

  4. very crackley episode.
    Try a bump of gillyweed followed by a cold shower.

    are y’all going to do COE coverage?
    -might be a laugh.

  5. Chris Burgess says:

    It was our way of keeping Warren a bit quiet but it didn’t work in the end.

    We’ll no doubt be covering Children of Earth next time around seeing as how even Warren buckled under the pressure and watched part one today.

  6. Moose says:

    Enjoy the show, thank you for putting so much effort. I love having a Canadian Who site.

    However comments like “Russell is an idiot” are not cool. Faults and all, this is the lovely man who brought back Who and gave it it’s heart. I personally think he deserves more respect then that.

    Commentaries are good but perhaps work out some philosophical ideas raised by the show, how it relates to the growth of the characters, or what it’s themes are because you very obviously run out of things to say. They are quite distracted and scattered and it’s sad because you obviously have such a great wealth of Who knowledge.

    Steven you are a born broadcaster, but why does Warren so fricken quiet every episode?!? Though he is a bit negative for my tastes (yes, I get it, you don’t like Torchwood, fine) he always sounds like he is across a room. Surely this can be fixed somehow. I have to keep my finger on the volume wheel while riding the Skytrain just to hear his comments.

    I hope these thoughts don’t come off too negative. Thanks again for creating the show.

  7. freyburg says:

    Sound quality: Near as we can tell, it’s the recording software that we use with Skype (Call Recorder). Whoever records with it is usually the quiet one. We’ve had Chris record a couple of times and he ended up sounding quiet, so it isn’t just my setup. We’re looking into alternatives, but it’ll take a little while to revamp our recording procedures.

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