Radio Free Skaro #147 – Dancing Doctors and Empty Children


With only Torchwood news to bandy about, the second part of Steven Moffat’s epic two-parter from Season 1 took center stage for this episode for a shorthanded RFS staff as they discussed the intricacies of one of the first series’ masterpieces while simultaneously avoiding any actual discussion of the episode at hand, as per usual.

UPDATE : In a devilishly clever move, we actually released two (2) different versions of Episode 147 – one with the two original RFS hosts, Warren and Steven, and the other (the “Coy and Vance” version) with Chris (Proper Chris), Katrina, and another Chris (Other Chris). Each episode was recorded completely independent of each other. Which episode you downloaded and/or listened to depended on what our Randomizer had to say.

We had hoped that listeners would react with mass befuddlement, engaging in confusing conversations about why one listener’s version of #147 was different from another listener’s. Obviously, none of you talk to each other. RFS listeners generally reacted to the move with rampant indifference, as we received nary a comment about our hijinks. Oh well. We sniggered slightly, for what it’s worth.

Anyway, we now offer both versions of Episode #147 “Dancing Doctors and Empty Children” for download below (it will also be uploaded to the ever popular iTunes feed). The most curious thing about this whole experiment? How both versions managed to reference the classic series story “The Horns of Nimon”. What does that say about us?

Radio Free Skaro #147 – Dancing Doctors and Empty Children (Warren and Steven version)

Direct Download

Radio Free Skaro #147 – Empty Children and Dancing Doctors (Chris, Katrina, and Other Chris version)

Direct Download

Show Notes:

Torchwood airing July 20…on SPACE!
The Doctor…Dances!


4 Responses to Radio Free Skaro #147 – Dancing Doctors and Empty Children

  1. lizaanne42 says:

    for some reason this episode hasn’t made it to itunes yet.
    I discovered your podcast last fall, and I’ve slowly worked my way through most of your archives (I’ve got a 45 minute commute each way during the school year).
    I have especially enjoyed your commentaries. My favorite so far has been Monster of Peladon. 🙂
    Great work, guys and (occasionally) gal!

  2. Katrina says:

    Glad you’re enjoying the podcasts! I worked through the archives the same way when I was in college.

    You might want to try shutting down iTunes and restarting it, or if it is a jam-up in the feed you could always use the direct download link until it’s sorted.

    I know a few others who got it through iTunes no problem.

    – Katrina

  3. Other Chris says:

    It seemed like a good idea when we were drunk…

  4. Matt in Iowa says:

    I think I speak for many listener out here in the ether when I say more is better. Thanks for the extra RFS regardless of how unintentional it was.

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