Radio Free Skaro #133 – The Anticipointment of Entercation


Radio Free Skaro welcomes back Katrina again as guest host, this time filling in for Warren, whose predilection for earning money to cover the cost of living prevented him from taking part this week. And, with the world of Doctor Who ramping up in advance of an actual new episode airing on April 11, there was plenty to talk about. But no spoilers! Spoilor has now been vanquished, so you may now listen to the show without fear of having future Who episodes ruined for you. As for the rest of the internet, you’re on your own.

Direct download: rfs133.mp3

Show Notes:

Neil’s Mountain Climb…donate!
Planet of the Dead…airdate!
Lizo says…no preview screening!
Benjamin Cook says…Radio Times Cover!
Planet of the Dead…commentary!
Doctor Who…Confidential!
Enter…the Swarm!
Next Episode…trailer and title!
Lost Season Audio…episode list!
Tennant and Tate…on the radio!
Michelle Ryan on…Blue Peter!
But not on…Doctor Who!
Terminus on…DVD!
Enlightenment on…DVD!
Guardian Trilogy extras on…DVD!
What’s a…Rondo?
K9 trailer…best ever?
Tenzing Norgay…long since dead!


One Response to Radio Free Skaro #133 – The Anticipointment of Entercation

  1. Mette says:

    Wait, those of us not on Twitter don’t get to vote? I’d like to register a late yes vote for spoilers. I tend to enjoy the wild speculations you add to the more or less credible rumors.

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