Radio Free Skaro #132 – The Bigger They Are

In the next of the RFS Wednesday Cutaway episodes, with no interviews in the pipeline, the Three Who Rule decided to actually put together a special episode themselves where the topic of discussion is if or when they think their favourite show might have possibly ever so slightly jumped the shark, with the discussion also turning toward the social commentary and forward-thinking it exhibited over its lifespan. Join in and see if you agree with the conclusions.

Direct download: rfs132.mp3


4 Responses to Radio Free Skaro #132 – The Bigger They Are

  1. Josh Zimon says:

    Six million dollar man against the Fall Guy. I think that is where I laughed the hardest. Well done boys.

  2. Matt Pedroso says:

    I love how you guys played it straight through the whole thing.
    Just the other day I was telling a coworker about your podcast. I hope 132 is the first one she listens to, just for the wtf factor.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Steven says:

    She’ll probably hate it! Or she’ll love it and be mortally disappointed that all the episodes aren’t about The Fall Guy.

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