Radio Free Skaro #131 – The Sweet Serenade of Sarcastor

With all three of the Three Who Rule firmly back in their respective command chairs, it was back to good old fashioned sniping, infighting and jocularity as Pedantor made battle with both his old nemesis Rubbishor and a new, more deadly enemy named Sarcastor. Somehow in the midst of this pantheon of perfidious poltroonery some discussion of Doctor Who came into play, but not by any means on purpose.

Direct download: rfs131.mp3

Show Notes:

Neil’s Mountain Climb…donate!
Trailer coming on…Wednesday!
Planet of the Dead…when?
No, seriously…when?
PotD…sneak preview!
Christmas Special…Filming!
Doctor Who and Tennant…Nominated!
The Story of Doctor Who…listen!
Stephen Hopkins…directing!
David Harewood in…Doctor Who!
Restoration Team Forum…closing!
David Tennant reads…Shakespeare!
John Barrowman autobiography…again?
Time Squad! Time Squad!…Time Squad!


One Response to Radio Free Skaro #131 – The Sweet Serenade of Sarcastor

  1. hypocaust says:

    The main ITV responses to Doctor Who were Timeslip (1970-’71), The Tomorrow People (’73-’79) and Sapphire and Steel (’79-’82).

    Timeslip and Sapphire and Steel are both well made and interesting shows and well worth watching.

    The Tomorrow People has a great memorable tile sequence (with a theme by Dudley Simpson no less) but despite being the longest running of the three suffers badly from being aimed too much at children and having a very thrown together, extremely cheap production (yes, much more so than Doctor Who, which being a product of the BBC drama department not the childrens TV department meant it was rather more professionally made.)

    Even The Tomorrow People still has some interesting ideas in it though but you need to be a really avid fan of the era and style of show to watch the whole thing. It’s mainly remembered now for it’s ‘camp’ value.

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