RFS @ Gallifrey ’09 : February 13-16

As we at Radio Free Skaro make our grand public debut at Gallifrey ’09 in Los Angeles this weekend, feel free to follow our exploits at :

www.radiofreeskaro.com (This site, but you probably already knew that). This is the home base for our whole operation. There will be daily podcasts, each becoming more and more incoherent as the intake of alcohol increases over the course of the weekend. There may even be some surprise guests! (Well, you can’t rule it out.)

www.twitter.com/radiofreeskaro (Twitter!). RFS, along with its three intrepid hosts – Warren, Chris, and myself – can all be found on the ever-popular Twitter, texting and typing our more immediate reactions to the happenings at the convention. Please drop by Twitter and follow us as our egos can always need boosting.

www.radiofreeskaro.blogspot.com (The Chronic Hysteresis). This is my (Steven) own RFS-related blog on which I will keep a journal of my (PG-13) thoughts over the weekend and the days leading up to it. After the furore of Gallifrey 2009 (Gally?) dies down, The Chronic Hysteresis will become the home of my year-long quest to watch and review every single Doctor Who episode in existence. Stay tuned!

Thanks, all, for listening, and we hope you enjoy reading/hearing about the convention as I’m sure we will enjoy telling you about it.


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