Radio Free Skaro #121 – Vardans at the Gate

In this penultimate episode before the Three Who Rule arrive in Los Angeles and dispense their own particular brand of Canadian havoc, the news was sparse but the banter broad, ranging from Al Waxman’s storied career all the way to….well, the shenanigans to come at Gallifrey 2009.

Direct download: rfs121.mp3


5 Responses to Radio Free Skaro #121 – Vardans at the Gate

  1. Chris Burgess says:

    Except “penultimate” means “the one before the final” and this is the final before Gallifrey…


  2. Josh Zimon says:

    David Landers, aka Squiggy, also does voice overs for cartoons. When my kids were younger, they were into a cartoon about an Octopus named “Oswald” where Landers plays the voice of a penguin named “Henry”. Ok, now that I provided you this unnecessary and uninteresting information, I’m going back to my hole now.

  3. jabberwocky says:

    Hey Guy, don’t worry about the airport security, I make sure that they know your coming……
    If you do have issue explaining a Doctor Who convention to customs just substitute Doctor Who with Star Trek.

  4. Steven says:

    And say I’m going to a (gulp) Star Trek convention? I don’t care if I get a good going over in the debriefing room, but I’m not saying that.

    I still have my dignity.

  5. jabberwocky says:

    Well then you can say that its like a Star Trek convention only better. I would say that you could show them episodes on your iPod but they would probably confiscate for pirated material despite the fact you bought the DVDs.

    As for you dignity I don’t think that you would have to much left after the going over.

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