Radio Free Skaro Presents: An interview with Pia Guerra

Pia Guerra is widely known as the artist behind the award winning “Y: The Last Man” comic series. But she’s also the artist on “Doctor Who – The Forgotten“, a new series starring everyone’s favorite Time Lord (in multiple incarnations). Oh yes, and a devoted Whovian. Radio Free Skaro‘s Warren Frey visited Pia in her Vancouver studio and got a peek at the creative process behind the comic (and her truly daunting collection of Who figures.)


5 Responses to Radio Free Skaro Presents: An interview with Pia Guerra

  1. jabberwocky says:

    What is this? RFS in video format! that’s insane, it can’t be! This changes the whole dynamic of life, the universe, and everything.

  2. Really well done! When was the interview conducted? I was disappointed that she was unable to draw the entire series (due to understandable circumstances she described on her blog).

  3. freyburg says:

    Thanks! It was conducted a couple of months ago. I run a video production company ( and didn’t have time until now to plug away at the interview. She’ll be at Gallifrey 2009, I’ll tell her you’re rooting for her when I’m down there!

  4. Josh Zimon says:

    Warren –

    Great job. Unlike other interviewers who frankly feel like interviewing themselves it was great to watch this. It was about Pia – and you made it about her. Looking forward to seeing more.

  5. Warren Frey says:

    Thanks, Josh. I’ve always been irritated by interviewers who make the interview more about themselves than their subject. That’s a somewhat necessary evil in TV sometimes, when a interviewer’s outsize personality is what viewers tune in for first and the subject second (done best with Donahue and David Frost in the Seventies, and worst with…well, the current crop of broadcast nincompoops), but since this is for the internet and I’m the one calling the shots, I like to take a back seat to what’s being said and who’s saying it. In any case, if I want a soapbox I’ve already got one in the form of the podcast.

    I do have a few more interviews I’ve done, but they’re with visual effects people from Hollywood, not Who folk. I may just put together a separate interview-only podcast for them, or try to throw it in under the fold of RFS…I haven’t decided yet.

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