Fans resurrect lost Doctor Who episodes

The BBC, in their infinite wisdom, decided sometimes in the late Sixties or early Seventies that they needed space for new shows in their tape library, and destroyed many of the original tapes containing Hartnell, Troughton, and even a few Pertwee stories. Despite the odd find each decade of a lost story molding away in some backwater, many of these classic Who tales are lost in the mists of time…until now.

It turns out many a fan recorded the audio from the shows as they were broadcast, so almost all the soundtracks have been preserved. But a cadre of fans spread across the globe are taking things a step further and animating the classic lost Doctor Who adventures to recreate the Doctor’s first adventures. The BBC did this officially with “The Invasion,” but as stated in the Guardian story, animating is a tremendous amount of work. Fans don’t care, though, they want their Who and they’re willing to put noses to the grindstone to get it.


One Response to Fans resurrect lost Doctor Who episodes

  1. Adam_Y says:

    the BBC did that with not just the Doctor, but with so many shows of that era.

    It was the mandate to save money that brought it on… that and the fact that no one realised the true value of an intact archive.

    Top work for the animators though… who knows (no pun intended) but these animations are starting to look like a great addition to normal episodes.

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