Radio Free Skaro #87 – Midnight Express

For once, the Three Who Rule were in total agreement that “Midnight,” the psychological thriller/Donna-lite episode of this season’s Doctor Who, was a fine bit of viewing. That left us with little else to do besides mock Who overseer Phil Collinson and engage in many a ridiculous digression, as per usual. Next week, Rose, dead Doctors, and atomic weaponry. Allons-y!


One Response to Radio Free Skaro #87 – Midnight Express

  1. The Phantom Poster says:

    Lawrence Miles on the ball this week in his hilarious, and often insightful blog

    How does forcing David Tennant to look lonely every few weeks qualify Doctor Who as the same kind of programme? When Star Trek: The Next Generation first brought this self-indulgent mixture of SF imagery and over-the-top “emoting” to the BBC in the 1990s, everybody hated it, especially after Channel 4 started showing Babylon 5 in the same kind of time-slot. (This week on Babylon 5: a half-glimpsed horror from the dawn of creation reaches across the galaxy and tricks the whole of human civilisation into becoming cannon-fodder in its ultimate War of Armageddon. This week on Star Trek: Counsellor Troi remembers how distressing it was when her periods started. Go on, guess which one we preferred.)

    Nice one Larry!

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