Davies out, Moffat in for Who

Steven Moffat has been named to replace Russell T. Davies as the show runner for Doctor Who. Never mind that this news came out 12 hours after we released our podcast (thanks for nothing, The Guardian), it’s tremendous news for the show and for Moffat himself. Series 4 has, in the opinion of the august RFS crew, been somewhat middling, and Moffat’s take on Who will at the very least be different from that of Russell T. Davies. RTD should be praised for bringing Doctor Who back in the first place and making it relevant to 21st century audiences besides, but it’s clear that he’s been running on fumes for the last little while. Hiring the man who penned “Blink”, recent winner of a BAFTA, isn’t a bad idea either. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until 2010 to see the fruits of the new team’s labours, as we’ll only have the three “gap year” specials to whet our nerdy appetites.


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