Radio Free Skaro #83 – The Unicorn and the Meh

Another week of lackluster Who, this time set in 1920’s England, starring Agatha Christie…and resulting in a bit of inconsequential fluff that added up to an at best average viewing experience. The RFS crew, always ready to make lemonade out of crap, soldiered bravely on and veered so wildly off-topic that they might just have gone full circle and accidentally gone back on topic again. Digressions ahoy!


3 Responses to Radio Free Skaro #83 – The Unicorn and the Meh

  1. Allyn says:

    The browser I use, Opera, has an RSS feed reader built right into it, so when I fire it up it updates all my feeds.

    Which is how I keep up with things like Radio Free Skaro. When I have a new item in the RFS feed, I know to download a new episode. 🙂

  2. The Phantom Poster says:

    I feel in this podcast that you did not adequately express just how SHIT this episode was.

    A woman was impregnated by a GIANT WASP
    (NOT a wasp-like alien – A GIANT WASP)
    in human disguise (??) and DIDN’T mind when she saw his true form.


    And people hate Chris H. Bidmead?

  3. I Am Steven says:

    Well, not to agree with everything you’ve posted…….I like Bidmead.

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