Radio Free Skaro #82 – The Doctor’s Disaster

We never go into a new RFS wishing to slag the living hell out of the latest episode of what is, after all, our favorite program…but we were left with little choice after “The Doctor’s Daughter,” which had such potential but fell far short of the mark. Our anger was tempered by the usual news, diversions, and a shout out to our new friends at Tachyon TV….but ouch, here’s hoping for better fare from the BBC next week. Still, our balderdash is as engaging and filled with bon mots as ever.


4 Responses to Radio Free Skaro #82 – The Doctor’s Disaster

  1. The Phantom Poster says:

    Why does everyone want to pin down the Doctor’s background? The show is called Doctor WHO. The character is supposed to be a mystery.
    If he is just an ordinary bloke with kids and a mortgage, what’s the point?
    Even worse, if he is just a time traveler that wanders though space and time looking for 18 year old pussy!
    Leave his family well alone!
    PS He seems to have finally stopped mentioning his age every ten minutes.

  2. I Am Steven says:

    At least it’s not as bad as the TVM, which drops so much backstory (all of it, of course, entirely incorrect and thus dutifully ignored) that I often call it “Doctor (oh THAT’s) Who”.


  3. Well, to the credit of either Terrance Dicks or the DW Powers That Be from over a decade ago, the introduction to The Eight Doctors – the first McGann Doctor New Adventures book – heavily pans the events of the TVM. To quote:

    “He scowled at the memory of the Master, treating his precious TARDIS as if it were his own. How had he got in in the first place? Where had he acquired those mysterious morphotic powers he had made use of so

    Useless to speculate, decided the Doctor. He would probably never know the answers now.

    He looked round the vastness of the reconfigured TARDIS control room, with its redwood panelled walls and complicated console. He had been so pleased with it once – now it seemed to carry the lingering taint of the Master’s presence.

    The Doctor stood up abruptly, suddenly troubled. Better make one final check – just to make sure that none of the Master’s malignant influence remained.
    Leaving the TARDIS control room, the Doctor made his way to the cloister room. He paced slowly along the pillared walkways and crossed the stone-flagged square, entering the massive central structure that held the Eye of Harmony.

    He stood gazing down at the flat granite sculpture in the shape of a great closed Eye.

    It wasn’t the Eye of Harmony at all of course, not really. Just a symbolic manifestation, an aspect, of the Great Eye of Harmony on Gallifrey. Created by Omega, stabilised by Rassilon, the Eye held a trapped Black Hole.
    Its inexhaustible energy powered the whole of Gallifrey – including all the TARDISes with which the Time Lords voyaged through space and time.
    Even an antiquated Type Forty, like this one, was directly linked to it.”

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