Radio Free Skaro # 78 – No News from Pompeii

In this gripping episode of Radio Free Skaro, the Three Who Rule discuss The Fires of Pompeii, the latest adventure for the Doctor and his erstwhile assistant Donna Noble….and not much else, really. It was a rather slow week for news, though much jocular speculation on the contents of the rest of the season did manage to fill some of the dead, dead air. Next week, fear the Ood!


4 Responses to Radio Free Skaro # 78 – No News from Pompeii

  1. Tardisious says:

    Currently the only Dr Who podcast keeping current! Thanks Guys keep up the good work….Take that Podshock!

  2. Josh Zimon says:

    Guys – do you think the Doctor saving those people at the end will come back and bite him later in the series? i.e. The son getting into the “physical sciences”. Did anyone else catch this?

  3. freyburg says:

    Could be….though every time I speculate on the future direction of the series, I end up being way off base and overcomplicating matters. 🙂

    And thanks Tardisious..though I’m frankly a little shocked that none of the other podcasts are keeping up…

  4. DWO WhoCast was (to my knowledge) the other podcast keeping reasonably current but they’ve not done so since essentially early this year or late last year, and the new episode that came out today featured an announcement that both Paul and Seb have stepped down from it and it’ll be completely revamped. While it may get produced more often, I have a feeling it’ll be a while before it finds its feet again.

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