Radio Free Skaro #75 – In Search of the Third Guy

The Third Guy was absent for this week’s podcast, and he missed a heap of news with the release of not only the Series 4 trailer and various teasers on the interwebs but an honest to goodness announcement of April 5th as the airdate of the Series 4 premiere. Warren and Steven tried to hold down the fort through jocularity and sarcasm, but their constant threats involving the Gun of Spite (and later, the Cannon of Hatred) because of the Third Guy’s impending trip to Paris and to a studio audience to view David Tennant in person meant an air of amusing menace permeated the proceedings.


2 Responses to Radio Free Skaro #75 – In Search of the Third Guy

  1. The Phantom Poster says:

    “Honest to goodness”?

    Jeepers! You guys are neato.

  2. Josh Zimon says:

    A throwback episode that talked about throwback episodes. I remember the such classics as “Pertwee Ponderings” and “Pathetic Crustaceans”. I harken back to a simpler time when rumors of the Master returning were thrust aside. Now that is classic RFS. Just remember 2009 is going to be a LONG year. 🙂

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