Radio Free Skaro #69 – The Wrath of Steven

Besides the usual ruminating over the latest Torchwood episode (verdict: meh), the august Radio Free Skaro crew also chewed over this week’s news, literally in Warren’s case, as he was eating lunch during the podcast. Steven’s rancor was raised by any number of topics, and his indignant manner set the tone for more than an hour’s worth of jocular banter. Enjoy!


3 Responses to Radio Free Skaro #69 – The Wrath of Steven

  1. Martin Robertson says:

    LOL. Sadly, I have NO connection with Big Finish. Neither am I Rob “Jubilee” Shearman.

    PS Glasgow is much better than Edinburgh (and we have THREE police boxes)

  2. Perhaps I lost the coin flip when deciding which to check out. I suppose just because Edinburgh is the capital doesn’t mean it’s a more exciting or interesting place. Most US state capitals are quite boring relative to other cities after all.

  3. Jean-Paul Samson says:

    Well, I tried to convince Chris that the Outer Hebrides were the place to go in Scotland, but he called my bluff.

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