Radio Free Skaro #68 – Keeping Fans at arm’s length since 2006

The BBC threw us a nice softball by releasing a “cinema-exclusive” season 4 trailer on February 1st, which someone promptly uploaded to Youtube. The RFS crew took much delight in analyzing and dissecting this tasty morsel, speculating wildly on what are likely innocuous shots of no real relevance. We also discussed the newest episode of Torchwood, hashed over Russell T Davies declaration that he keeps fans at arm’s length, and of course went our trademark off-topic ramblings as per usual.

Here’s the podcast….

and here’s a link to the Series 4 cinema trailer, at least until Youtube decides to pull it to save us from ourselves.


3 Responses to Radio Free Skaro #68 – Keeping Fans at arm’s length since 2006

  1. Josh Zimon says:

    Adric with nastiness = Matthew Waterhouse.

    I think you dismissed Warren’s idea about catching the Doctor at a different time (with Rose) too quickly. Very strange that he doesn’t recognize her…

  2. I thought it was an interesting idea but I can’t for a second believe it would come to pass, if only because the show runners want the casual viewer to watch and such a concept would go beyond the understanding of many of those casual viewers.

  3. Martin Robertson says:

    You haven’t listened to ANY Big Finish audios?
    Are you insane?
    Get “Jubilee” with Colin Baker immediately!
    “The One Doctor” is funny but “Jubilee” is mindblowing. (Much better than the TV episode it became – “Dalek”)

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