Why Star Trek should stay dead

Io9, a new and snarky sci-fi site that recently emerged from the bowels of the Gawker empire, has a list of reasons why Star Trek should stay dead for a while, and I have to say I agree with every point they make. Top of their list is the series slavish devotion to continuity, but they also point out that Star Trek’s entire structure is a Cold War relic, and that new shows like Battlestar Galactica do a much better job of reflecting the present day in a sci-fi setting. I’d add Doctor Who (not surprsingly) to the list of worthy retuned series….Russel T. Davies and friends were very smart in that they lifted what worked in the old series, such as witty writing and great acting, but still managed to make Doctor Who very much a 21st century show with quick pacing, great effects and more adult approach to the material.


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