Radio Free Skaro #49 – is about 42

Steven, Warren and the supremely jaunty Chris tackle 42, a madcap romp through a spaceship hurtling towards a dying sun, for this the 49th episode of Radio Free Skaro. We also tackle the recent announcement of a “gap year” for the series involving three specials in 2009, along with confirmation of the fourth and fifth series. And of course we ramble off-topic as usual about matters of great import. 


4 Responses to Radio Free Skaro #49 – is about 42

  1. greg bone says:

    What was the CSO that the third guy mentioned?

  2. freyburg says:

    CSO is Color Seperation Overlay, which was basically bluescreen or greenscreen technology, but done on a 1970s BBC budget. So it looked terrible most of the time, though every once in a while (the time tunnel effect in Pyramids of Mars springs to mind) it was kind of charming in a low-rent way.

  3. CSO is also known as Chromakey (think of that scene in Wayne’s World for example… where they’re “in Wyoming” or whatever state it was, they use the term Chromakey there) in case you’ve heard that term instead. As Warren said, it’s essentially blue screen technology.

    If you’ve got access to the DVD for Carnival of Monsters, there’s a documentary on it about CSO that’s actually pretty good at explaining the intricacies of the technology and has some nifty examples.

    And I guess I am to forever be known as “the third guy” after all… =)

  4. greg bone says:

    What are you talking about third guy?


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