Radio Free Skaro #153 – A Tweet Too Far

August 10, 2009

The Three Who Rule covered the gamut of Whoish happenings this week, from the shocking revelation that Meglos will return for David Tennant’s finale (unconfirmed) to Ian Levine’s rather tenuous grasp on the the fundamental underpinnings of the internet (hint: don’t fear the link.) And amongst this madness was revealed the Miniscope, a new weekly feature examining a writer, producer or other behind the scenes chieftain whose drive and talent brought us the Classic Who episodes we love so dearly. Up first is Robert Holmes, or at the very least his contribution to the ouvres of Mr. Troughton and Mr. Pertwee. Enjoy, dear listeners.

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Show Notes:

- Radio Free Skaro…shop!
- The End of Time…aliens!
- Tennant’s Hamlet…on PBS!
- Greatest Moments of Doctor Who…on BBC3!
- Moffat and RTD…Hugo losers!
- 2010 Series…without Euros Lyn!
- Freema Agyeman…just Who Do You Think You Are?!
- The Writer’s Tale…next edition!
- Dalek War box set…on October 5!
- Doctor Who…Series 1-4 DVD Box Set!
- Torchwood…Complete DVD Box Set!
- New Series Dalek…DVD box set!
- Sarah Jane S2 DVD set…on November 9!
- Mike Skinner…on Doctor Who?
Miniscope Links (Robert Holmes, Part One):
- The…Krotons!
- The…Space Pirates!
- Spearhead…from Space!
- Terror of the…Autons!
- Carnival…of Monsters!
- The Time…Warrior!
- BBC…Shownar!


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